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Hot college girl bends over for doggy fuck

Sometimes when we go out we have a certain goal – to pick up a strip dancer, or some bimbo blonde. Today we felt like doing some good-looking college girl. So we hooked up by a local college and found our target – sexy redhead, who was sitting on the bench all alone and looked pretty bored. We started a conversation with her, and it turned out she wasn't actually a student... But who cares? She looked hot, that's all that mattered. We took our hottie for a walk to a seaport. Cool place where we could have some privacy and even sunbathe... Naked of course. And once you take off your clothes, who knows what's gonna happen next, right?

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Those pussies itch to be heavily hammered so the chicks need just a small push and they say yes to a public fuck and spread their crevices for mighty cocks!

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