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If you watched our videos before, you should know we don't plan things, they just happen, and sometimes surprise us with how cool and so to say pleasant sudden acquaintances can be. Like this one that took place by the local beach. Who the hell goes to the beach alone? That's what I'll never be able to comprehend. But I'm more than glad that skinny hottie went swimming without her boyfriend.. Who she had actually dumped a few days ago. Fortune! Pretty fun girl, totally free from all unnecessary stupid liabilities. It wasn't that hard to pick her up. She liked the idea of wild outdoor sex almost from the start, and got especially excited when we said we'd pay her. It's always good when girl really enjoys the process! Chick's pussy was just delicious.

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Those pussies itch to be heavily hammered so the chicks need just a small push and they say yes to a public fuck and spread their crevices for mighty cocks!

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